In the Gladstone Office, we are lucky enough to be supported by our great Area Manager Luke Mullins who is very supportive in the workplace providing mentoring, the opportunity to attend events and flexible work arrangements when required. Luke trusts in our ability to complete tasks autonomously and provides opportunities for professional development to enhance our skill sets further.

We are a close-knit, small office team who work collaboratively and efficiently together for the successful outcomes of the office and wider group. It is great to see how in our office everyone gets along and supports each other in their roles. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping held.

four ladies facing camera smiling in branded polos
The ladies of BDT Gladstone

Linzey is a fantastic administrative professional. She is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, trusted and respected by all. Linzey is the go-to person in the office and is always able and willing to assist with all requirements for our business. Linzey is the face of our office and is extremely kind, helpful, and customer-focused. Linzey helps clients and candidates feel supported, valued and ensures that everyone always has a positive interaction with our office.

Michelle is a recruitment specialist! Michelle is friendly, intelligent, engaging and very dependable. She has worked in all aspects of the recruitment industry and is essential in finding and sourcing key talent for our clients. Michelle assists with both permanent and short-term recruitment and is always willing to help. She is efficient in finding candidates that perfect role and supports them throughout the recruitment process. For our clients, Michelle is always helpful and reachable, providing companies with top talent and assisting with their resourcing needs.

Stacey has been with Beilby Downing Teal since 2011. She has been instrumental in inspiring others with her excellent work ethic and passing along her essential knowledge of the business, industries and Gladstone community. Stacey looks after our contractor workforce in Gladstone, and every contractor has a great experience working with BDT because of Stacey. Stacey ensures that contractors are continually supported through their tenure with BDT. She is well known for her kindness, compassion and willingness to assist.

I personally recently started in the BDT Gladstone Office. I felt included, supported and mentored by each of our team members from day one, and that is rare to find.

I think it is a great idea to showcase the women in our workplace, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you a few details about our team.

We asked Luke to provide some words on Mikaela.

Mikaela joined the BDT Gladstone team six months ago from an internal HR role in Brisbane. Since her arrival, she has been integral in further solidifying our processes and procedures, ensuring constant improvement to our efficiency and productivity.

Together with her administrative responsibilities, Mikaela has taken up recruitment for blue and white-collar contract roles across a variety of clients and industries. She also directly supports me with several critical business objectives, including business development. Mikaela is a great support to the rest of the team, her drive and passion for the team and our business are second to none.

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