Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is a vital part of the transport supply chain in Australia providing rail as a cost efficient, reliable, safe and responsible mode of transport.


Throughout 2014 Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) embarked on a strategy of transformation and growth. The strategy was aimed at capitalising on their extensive investment program to position rail as the mode of choice in the national logistics chain.

The focus has been to, develop a performance-based culture that places the customer at the centre of everything ARTC does, and build a strong reputation as an industry leader and proficient infrastructure provider.

Beilby Downing Teal were invited to tender for newly created executive roles across the Hunter Valley and interstate networks. There roles were:

  • Executive General Manager – Hunter Valley
  • General Manager Customer Service & Operations – Hunter Valley
  • General Manager Commercial & Customer Relations – Interstate
  • General Manager Operations Services – Interstate

The strategy agreed for this process was a combination of advertising and discrete, targeted search. The advertising strategy not only conveyed broader career opportunity but a clear message from the board to ARTC stakeholders that transformational change was occurring and exceptional talent was required.

Over 400 candidates responded to advertisements and 300 were identified for direct contact search. Beilby Downing Teal ensured sensitivity and respect was provided to all internal and external candidates with all going through comparative assessment.

The recruitment process included initial interviews with Beilby, psychometric profiling, structured assessments, 360 degree referee reports and independent third party qualification and background checks.


The final result was the appointment of three external candidates and one internal. ARTC were pleasantly surprised at the quality of candidates presented and their performance to date has delivered on their desire of attracting exceptional talent.

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