Beilby Downing Teal has been providing HR services to the WA Department of Education since 2000 and we have assisted with over 1,000 recruitment processes in the last 10 years. Specialising in a variety of school based roles including Principals, Teachers and School Psychologists throughout Western Australia; we also assist with recruitment requirements in remote schools such as Broome and South Hedland.  Our team of specialist consultants are also experienced in undertaking corporate roles based in central office and have assisted on high volume processes such as Graduate Officers through to more select roles such as Executive Directors.  Our specialist team of consultants also provide similar services on a range of roles with the NT Department of Education.

Beilby Downing Teal provide

  • Shortlisting of applications (including ATSI applicants in the NT)
  • Candidate management
  • Interview content
  • Panel interviews
  • Panel discussions
  • Reference checking
  • Selection Reports
  • SOAFAA Reports (NT only)
  • Feedback to candidates
  • Pool management

Our consultants have extensive experience in the Education sector, many of whom have worked as teachers within schools, and have an excellent understanding of education terminology and best practice approaches which assist in our provision of managing objective and transparent processes that are compliant with the Commissioner’s Instruction Employment Standard’s four principles of merit; equity; interest; and transparency.

We work with the selection panel in assessing all applications received (regularly exceeding 200 per vacancy); develop appropriate interview questions and exercises that assess a candidate’s technical skills and behaviours and reflect their values and work practices; undertake accurate scribing services at panel interviews in line with the Employment Standards; and manage a fair and objective management processes, facilitating panel discussions to ensure a consistent assessment process is applied.

Our reference checking process is comprehensive with all comments being validated by referees and the selection reports we develop accurately reflect the process followed and provide constructive assessments on each candidate, to assist with candidate feedback.

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