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2019 Women In Mining WA Summit Overview

Karen Hudman, from BDT, attended the 2019 annual Women in Mining WA (WIMWA) summit. Once again the event was an outstanding success with quality content and interesting speakers that not only impart their knowledge, wisdom and insight but always manage to inspire, challenge and motivate attendees.

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Be a Champion of Change – Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity have certainly become hot topics over the last couple of years. It is first and foremost in the front of everybody’s mind and often spoken about in and out of the workplace, at conferences and workshops. However, how much of an individual’s thought process and discussion in this area is ‘icing’ and how many of us really commit to making and baking the actual cake.

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Networking – what’s in it for me?

If you’re reading this with interest because you’re wondering ‘What’s in it for me?’ I think you’ve not quite grasped what networking, in a professional sense, is all about. I’m guessing, like me, you’ve all attended a networking event with someone else? This in many ways gets you to sample the drinks and canapés with…

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Counter Offer – Should I stay or should I go?

If the Clashes 1980’s hit, Should I stay or should I go, be running through your head, I’m guessing you’ve been counter offered. Let’s go back to the process that got you in this conundrum; you’ve either applied or been approached for a new opportunity. You’ve updated your CV, shared your story, attended interview, had…

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Working overseas – is it worth it?

Travelling overseas is something most of us love doing, it’s a multi billion dollar industry and for good reason. But the lure of going overseas extensively (or even permanently) is something that many people have contemplated and done. But is it worth it? There are many arguments for and against and always a good subject…

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Cover Letters Nowadays

A while ago a friend approached me and asked me a question about cover letters. He was applying for a job and knowing I work in recruitment wanted a 2nd opinion on what he had written. Naturally I gave my advice, but it got me questioning whether the cover letter is still relevant today and…

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CV’s That Open Industry Doors

Your CV is the key to opening the door to your next opportunity. In order to open up the best opportunities, your key needs to be in good shape. You might have some amazing skills and experience that have perfectly shaped you for the next big opportunity in your career – but if you don’t…

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Psychometric Assessment Tips

Why do organisations use psychometric tests for recruitment? Some employers include assessment testing as part of the selection process to make a better, more informed decision about a candidate. There is a range of questions that an assessment test can help answer such as; can this candidate do the job, will they do the job,…

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