Beilby Downing Teal provides recruitment management support services to various Northern Territory Government Agencies assisting in the successful placement against their ongoing vacancies. We provide assistance with both technical and administratively focussed roles; for example Senior Systems Engineers, Deputy Chief Operating Officers, Trainee Correctional Officers or Project Manager Hydraulics, as well as corporate based roles, such as Executive Assistant, Finance Analyst, Training Manager, Human Resources Consultant.

Our specialist consultants located in the Northern Territory have extensive experience in a variety of school based roles including Principals, Teachers and School Business Managers throughout the Northern Territory and we also assist with Teaching Principal recruitment requirements in remote schools in the Katherine Region. In addition, we are also experienced in undertaking high volume processes such as Graduate Officers, Trainee Correctional Officers and Probation and Parole Officers. These sought after roles can often attract over 300 applications and our team of consultants undertake a number of tasks to ensure an efficient turnaround is achieved. In addition, the Darwin Office has specialist consultants trained in Job Evaluation System (JES) and delivery of advice and support in the process and preparation of Job Analysis.

The Northern Territory Government Agencies supported include:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Health
  • Department of The Attorney General and Justice
  • Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development
  • Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
  • Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Department of the Chief Minister
  • Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture
  • NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Power and Water Corporation

BDT Provides

  • Shortlisting of applications (including ATSI applicants in the NT)
  • Candidate management
  • Interview content
  • Panel interviews
  • Panel discussions
  • Reference checking
  • Selection Reports
  • SOAFAA Reports (NT only)
  • Feedback to candidates
  • Advice and support for Job Evaluation System (JES) and Job Analysis Questionnaires (JAQ)
  • Exit interviews
  • Personal Development Plan support

Working closely with either the Panel Chair/Delegate of Human Resources Manager, we ensure recruitment decisions follow the Merit Principle as outlined by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE). Furthermore, our specialised consultants ensure all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) candidates are assessed in line with the Special Measures requirements as outlined by the OCPE and remaining applicants assessed as per the Northern Territory Public Sector Recruitment and Selection Policy. We assist in the receipt and review of applications received; develop interview questions and exercises that assess an applicant’s technical skills and behaviours and reflect their values and work practices; undertake accurate scribing services at panel interviews in line with Merit Principles; and manage a fair and objective management processes, facilitating panel discussions to ensure a consistent assessment process is applied. Our reference checking process is comprehensive with all comments being validated by referees and the selection reports we develop accurately reflect the process followed and provide constructive assessments on each candidate, to assist with candidate feedback.

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