Psychometric assessment tools can provide organisations with an insight into new talents “fit”and future with the team. They can also be a critical tool in succession planning when seeking future leaders within your current workforce.

Psychometric Profile

We use detailed psychometric profiling to identify candidates’ natural dispositions relating to honesty, integrity and the ethics. In consultation with Organisational Psychologists we develop tailored psychometric assessments relevant to each role.

Areas of concern raised during the psychometric assessment can be explored during follow up interviews. Beilby Downing Teal tailor a number of questions to further investigate those areas incorporating the CBI (circumstance, behaviour, impact) methodology.

Referee questions may also be tailored to find out how the candidate reacted in the real world to concerned situations.

  • Cognitive Reasoning: verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.
  • Personality Profile: this self-assessment will identify 16 personality traits and styles related to the individual’s interpersonal style, thinking style and coping style.
  • Values and Motivators: this assesses an individual’s key motivators
Psychometric Services 1
Psychometric Services 2

Leadership Assessment and Development

Detailed psychometric profiling can be used to identify future leaders for organisations improving succession planning. It allows a company to appraise the abilities of potential managers and their level of competence to manage teams and projects.

On the contrary, it can identify those with areas of concern and pinpoint where professional or personnel development needs to occur.

Once uncovered we can work with your business and our organisational psychologists to customise a leadership learning and development program.

These programs cover a multitude of subjects built on the principles of positive psychology to create sustained behavioural change.

One of our friendly team will be in contact to talk through your psychometric assessment or leadership development needs.