Are you struggling to get noticed when applying for job opportunities?

Do you meet the requirements of the role, but are still not progressing any further in the recruitment process?

In most cases, your formal application is the first and only impression of you as a candidate, to recruiters and hiring managers.

Here are my top recommendations for presenting a professional job application:

⭐️ Take the time to create a tailored cover letter. Research the company you are applying for and align your prior experiences to both the role and company.
⭐️ Respond directly to the criteria on the job advertisement. Match the requirements of the role to your skillset, experiences, responsibilities and qualifications.
⭐️ Address your motivation for the role.
⭐️ Highlight key achievements; even better if you can back this up with data.
⭐️ Ensure your career summary clearly defines the company, role and dates of employment.
⭐️ Reference your role responsibilities in dot-point format; keep your sentences short and concise. List the most relevant responsibilities first.
⭐️ Withhold any irrelevant information or accomplishments that may not provide value to your application.

Written by Hayley Heaton

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