Interim and Contract Solutions 1

Interim Management

In the modern world, Interim Management is the fastest growing mode of employment. It is utilised from Managing Director level to the trades and operational positions.

Beilby Downing Teal employs up to 1,000 people who are providing interim services to our clients in mining, construction, defence and engineering industries.

Interim Management can be applied to single positions, or to provide complete project or maintenance teams to clients requiring flexibility in employment methods.

Contract Recruitment

Contract employment is offered when clients wish to keep their workforce commitment flexible. This allows for workforces to expand and contract as operational needs require. It also provides an opportunity to assess workers and supervisor’s ability, before offering a full-time appointment.

To create flexibility in their workforce, many of our clients have elected to employ a portion of their staff on a contract basis for extended periods. This is popular in industries where there are constant seasonal, economic and / or production fluctuations. 

Under our contracting model, you pay an inclusive hourly or daily rate, where we employ the candidate for the duration of your requirement, managing the associated statutory requirements and employment risk.